LG LDF7561ST Dishwasher E1 Error

My 5+ year old LG LDF7561ST Dishwasher started giving me an E1 Error which is a water leak. The filters in the bottom was clogged because someone didn’t rinse a pan before putting in the dishwasher. Won’t say who but you can probably guess. I cleaned the filters. Unplugged the dishwasher for awhile and plugged it back it and it still gave me a E1 Error and would not shut off. Did a search on Google and found someone with the same error and they said to pull the dishwasher, tip it forward and backward 45 degrees. So I decided to give it a try and it worked. Before my search I called LG support and they wanted $370 to send someone out to fix it. Sorry LG, did it myself!


  1. KUNAL SAHU says

    worked for me too! thanks for sharing.

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