I initially ordered DirecTV from a salesman at our local SAM’S Club. I told him that I had two 4K TV’s and that I wanted two 4K Genie Minis. And my sales work order showed this. Everything was supposed to be wired. I also had installation scheduled for the next day which was great.

The next day the installer game out and he didn’t want to do a wired installation but do a wireless installation. I agreed even though it would cost me $99 extra. I told the installer that I had two 4K TV’s. He had to go back to the warehouse to get the wireless genie’s and about an hour later he showed up and did the installation.

About a week and a half later I tried to view a 4K channel on DirecTV and got error codes. I called DirecTV on a weekend and was told that he had to escalate the problem to tech support and that he would put priority support on the ticket.

Nine days later and I never received a call nor an email from DirecTV so I called and spoke to a representative. She told me it would cost $99 to upgrade to 4K Genie. I explained that I had 4K Genies on the sales work order and that they were supposed to be installed but wasn’t. She said they didn’t do 4K Genies on the initial install so I asked to speak to a supervisor.

After going back and forth with the representative she finally got me to a supervisor. I explained my situation to the supervisor and after going back and forth he finally said that he would have the two 4K Genie’s installed for free but didn’t have any service time slot until about a week and a half later which I agreed to.

A week and a half later the technician came to installed the two 4K Genies which had to be direct wired. Then about another week and a half I got my DirecTV billing. It showed two $99 one time charges for the two 4K Genie’s. So I called DirecTV and spoke to a representative and she said she could not find any notes where the 4k Genie installation was supposed to be free.

So I asked to speak to a supervisor and he also said he could not find any notes where the installation was supposed to be free and that he could not wave the charges. So I am really mad. I also was supposed to get the internet transferred to my name and it was originally in my wife’s name. So the supervisor did the transfer.

Then later my internet rebooted and it no longer worked. I called but was put on hold for 30 minutes and I hung up as I had tickets to see the movie “Over Comer” at the Warren theater in Moore, OK.

After I got home from the movie my internet still didn’t work. I called tech support again and was put on hold for about another 30 minutes. I finally got tech support and she said that the transfer was not finalized so she did the finalization and my internet finally worked again.

Tech support also told me that the supervisor created a new account for the internet with a new login. Why not just transfer it to my existing account? Who knows.

I am very frustrated with AT&T and DirecTV. They lied to me and I will never trust them again. I hope that when my two year contract is up that there will be much better internet providers and my switch to Dish! We will see in two years so I am writing this for a warning to others to not trust AT&T and get people’s names and confirmation email from them.

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