My Solar System

I have recently purchased and had installed a new solar system. Here are some of my thoughts as to why I decided to get the new solar system.

  • I am saving on fossil fuels.
  • I will be paying about the same for my loan as I am paying for my current electrical bill and at some point I will be paying almost zero for electricity.
  • In 5 years I will be paying the same price for my electricity (my loan) as I am now. How about you? How about after 10 years? 20 years?
  • Currently there is a 26% tax credit for the solar system which reduces the overall cost of the solar system. Not sure if there will be one next year or if there is one will it be lower?
  • The solar system will raise the value of my home which reduces the overall cost of the solar system.
  • I got a low interest rate for the loan and next year it will probably be higher.
  • The solar panels have a 25 year warranty and are tough and are not damaged by your normal size hail.
  • The solar panels will block a lot of the sun from hitting my roof which helps to protect the roof where they are installed and the attic does not get as hot during the summer months which helps with the cooling of the home.
  • The solar panels use Silver which the stockpile of Silver is getting low and the price of Silver is going to increase which means the cost of solar panels in the future will also increase.

So with the above thoughts in mind I purchased my solar system but not until several quotes. The system I purchased was from Green Light Solar. They had the lowest interest rate for the 25 year loan and quoted me a system that would provide 100% of my electrical needs. So you need to keep in mind that you still need the electrical grid from the electric company. Sometimes you are using all solar energy, sometimes you are pushing out electrical energy back to the external electric grid, and sometimes you need power from the external electric grid like when you have a heavy load like using the Air Conditioning or using an electrical clothes dryer or an electric stove/oven and you will need the external electric grid at night when the sun is not shining. But in the end hopefully it will all even out so that your electric bill is low or even a credit.

It took about two months from the date I purchased the solar system to the date that it was fully operational. This includes having a site survey done. Then a final design of the system which you will have the opportunity to approve. Next is the engineering and permitting phase which Green Light solar took care of getting and paying for the permits with the city, the electrical company, and any HOA if you have one. Next came the installation of the solar panels and system after the approvals of the city, electrical company, and HOA. After the installation you have the inspection and approval by the agencies. And finally the permission to operate by the electrical company.

Below you will see photos of the 26 panels I had installed. Eight on the South side of my home and Eighteen on the West side of my home. Also a photo of the solar inverter and electrical switch box.

Solar Panels on the South side of my home.
Solar panels on the West side of my home.
The Solar Inverter box on the right, solar meter at top and the solar switch box below the solar meter.

Below you will see my current OG&E electric usage for the first and second week after my solar panels were turned on. The first week it was turned on in the middle of Tuesday morning. The second week we had clouds all week long and rain almost every day during the second week. Still no OG&E energy usage.

Week one after solar panels were turned on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 during the middle of the morning. Notice the “0 kWh” for this bill.
Second week of energy usage from OG&E even with it being cloudy every day and rain almost every day. What a wet week! Notice the “0 kWh” for this bill.

If you would like more information or you would like for me to get you in touch with my solar salesman just send me a message on the contact me page on the main menu above.

My Generac Generator

I am writing a post about my experiences with the purchase and installation of my new Generac Generator. I purchased a Solar System, which I will write about later, but I also added the Generac Generator to the purchase of my solar system. One main reason for this was the low interest rate and second was I live in Tornado Ally and I have gone without power several times since I purchased my home 30 years ago. Some due to Tornados and other times due to storms including ice storms.

I purchased my solar system from Green Light Solar. The Generac Generator was installed by Larrison Electric, a local Generac Generator dealer. The Generac Generator I purchased will run my entire house during a power failure weather it is a short outage for a few hours or a long outage of days or weeks as it uses natural gas, the same gas used to cook with on the stove and to heat water in the water heater. So even with electrical power outage I will still have natural gas to run the Generac Generator.

The time frame from the purchase of the Generac to the installation to the connection of the Generac to my home electrical system took about two months. This long two months was mostly due to the solar system as the funds to pay for the Generac Generator would not be available until after the installation of the Solar System. And the Solar company, Green Light Solar, wanted the Generac to be installed prior to the installation of the solar system as they can make their electrical grid connection inside of the main Generac electrical box.

The Generac Generator that I purchased also included a whole home surge protection for the outside electrical grid and for the Generac Generator produced electricity.

The Generac Generator will engage after 30 seconds of losing power from the electrical grid. It will then run until the electrical grid is restored and for an extra five minutes to prevent the Generac from shutting down and starting back up due to short power loss after electrical grid restoration. My Generac Generator will also run every Saturday at noon for 5 minutes for what they call exercising the Generac to make sure it is running good and capable of starting in a real power outage.

There is also a yearly maintenance that needs to be performed on the Generac which comes with a yearly fee. Also if the Generac has been running for over 100 hours then maintenance is also required.

I love my Generac Generator and I feel much more secure especially now that I am getting older. Below you will see photos of my Generac Generator and the electrical boxes required for the Generac to operate and provide full house power. In a power outage I will still have Air Conditioning, my two refrigerators with freezers will still work, my two microwaves will still work, my furnace will still heat the home, my lights, TVs, computers, coffee makers, ovens, etc. will still work.

My Generac Generator
My Generac Generator show the electrical and the Natural Gas connections.
The two new electrical boxes installed to the left of my electrical meter with the whole home surge protectors showing sticking out on the left of the main Generac electrical box.

Fundamental Tips for Keeping Your Small Business Website Secure

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Fundamental Tips for Keeping Your Small Business Website Secure

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Growing your online presence is critical to the overall success of your business, and your online presence revolves around your website. Not only will a top-notch website help you connect with your target audience, but it will ultimately lead to conversions and sales, whether you’re in physiotherapy or any other industry.

But developing and maintaining a professional website for your brand involves more than eye-catching design, engaging content, and easy navigation. Your site must also provide visitors with security. If it isn’t equipped to resist cyberattacks, then sensitive information can be stolen from your company and clients. Is it time for your small business to up its digital security game? Here are some simple tips to get you started, presented by

Invest in professional services. 

Cybersecurity is complex, and it can be downright overwhelming when you’re new to the idea. As your first step, bring in a professional to evaluate your website and other digital systems. They will be able to consult you on what kind of hardware, software, and other equipment to use — in many cases, they will install the equipment and show you how to use it. Moreover, a professional can help you develop company-wide security protocols.

Look to online job boards to find a plethora of qualified cybersecurity freelancers. You can assess each candidate’s rates, delivery times, and client reviews to determine which professional to hire.

If you’d rather tackle this yourself, you can easily do so — but make sure you have the knowledge and skills required to tackle the job. Want to brush up your IT skills and earn a degree at the same time? You can do so, and many online universities these days allow you to take classes online at your convenience, which means you don’t have to give up running your business to acquire some new talents.

Don’t skimp on the tools.

There are plenty of tools on the market designed to protect websites from specific cyberattacks. Don’t hesitate to invest in any software, hardware, or other tools that can secure your physiotherapy website and prevent data theft. Research various products and consult a professional to figure out what your website needs to combat data breaches, phishing, ransomware, viruses, and other malware.

Update your software.

Anytime a hacker succeeds, it’s because they capitalized on a website’s vulnerability, and they’re constantly scanning sites to find these vulnerabilities. Make sure your company is prepared for attacks by keeping all of your software up to date. Some software will automatically update, but you will need to manually update others.

Use strong passwords.

You might be surprised by how many cyberattacks begin with an overly simple password. Rather than leave a door wide open to hackers, revisit all the passwords used for your company website, including those used by any therapists or other employees. Use several random words, numbers, and special characters to make your passwords complex and difficult for hackers to guess or bypass with brute force programs.

While it’s critical to build your online presence, shoring up your company’s website should be atop your list of priorities. Remember to hire a cybersecurity expert, invest in any necessary tools, keep your software up to date, and strengthen your passwords. Then, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are being proactive about keeping company and client data from the hands of unwelcome parties.

Thirty Year Anniversary

The photo below shows what I gave my wife Gina for our 30 year anniversary. She really loved it and it brought tears to her eyes when I showed it to her. The song lyrics is George Strait’s song “I crossed my heart”. Happy Anniversary Babe.


I initially ordered DirecTV from a salesman at our local SAM’S Club. I told him that I had two 4K TV’s and that I wanted two 4K Genie Minis. And my sales work order showed this. Everything was supposed to be wired. I also had installation scheduled for the next day which was great.

The next day the installer game out and he didn’t want to do a wired installation but do a wireless installation. I agreed even though it would cost me $99 extra. I told the installer that I had two 4K TV’s. He had to go back to the warehouse to get the wireless genie’s and about an hour later he showed up and did the installation.

About a week and a half later I tried to view a 4K channel on DirecTV and got error codes. I called DirecTV on a weekend and was told that he had to escalate the problem to tech support and that he would put priority support on the ticket.

Nine days later and I never received a call nor an email from DirecTV so I called and spoke to a representative. She told me it would cost $99 to upgrade to 4K Genie. I explained that I had 4K Genies on the sales work order and that they were supposed to be installed but wasn’t. She said they didn’t do 4K Genies on the initial install so I asked to speak to a supervisor.

After going back and forth with the representative she finally got me to a supervisor. I explained my situation to the supervisor and after going back and forth he finally said that he would have the two 4K Genie’s installed for free but didn’t have any service time slot until about a week and a half later which I agreed to.

A week and a half later the technician came to installed the two 4K Genies which had to be direct wired. Then about another week and a half I got my DirecTV billing. It showed two $99 one time charges for the two 4K Genie’s. So I called DirecTV and spoke to a representative and she said she could not find any notes where the 4k Genie installation was supposed to be free.

So I asked to speak to a supervisor and he also said he could not find any notes where the installation was supposed to be free and that he could not wave the charges. So I am really mad. I also was supposed to get the internet transferred to my name and it was originally in my wife’s name. So the supervisor did the transfer.

Then later my internet rebooted and it no longer worked. I called but was put on hold for 30 minutes and I hung up as I had tickets to see the movie “Over Comer” at the Warren theater in Moore, OK.

After I got home from the movie my internet still didn’t work. I called tech support again and was put on hold for about another 30 minutes. I finally got tech support and she said that the transfer was not finalized so she did the finalization and my internet finally worked again.

Tech support also told me that the supervisor created a new account for the internet with a new login. Why not just transfer it to my existing account? Who knows.

I am very frustrated with AT&T and DirecTV. They lied to me and I will never trust them again. I hope that when my two year contract is up that there will be much better internet providers and my switch to Dish! We will see in two years so I am writing this for a warning to others to not trust AT&T and get people’s names and confirmation email from them.

Bell & Howell Tac Glasses – Not Recommended

I have purchased twice the Bell & Howell Tac Glasses from this website:

Both times the glasses lasted about six months and then the frames broke. Didn’t do anything special to break them. They just broke when I tried to take them off. Below is a photo of the last pair that I purchased. On their website they have no way to review their products so I am doing so here. I do not recommend that you purchase Bell & Howell’s Tac Glasses.

Bell & Howell Tac Glasses
Broken Tac Glasses. Only four months old.

I have since purchases a pair of Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women Cycling Running Driving TR033 that I really like and they come with four different lenses (you have to pay extra for a second lense for Bell & Howell sunglasses), a soft case, a hard case, a lanyard, and a lifetime warranty for cheaper than the Bell & Howell Sunglasses. Even bought a second pair for my wife. You can view them here:

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women Cycling Running Driving TR033
Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses

DIY New Onyx Shower

First let me say I have lived in my home now for about 25 years. I had a problem with my tub/shower combination many years ago and again when my son and his family was visiting this last summer. The soap holder on the tiled wall came off and along with it came several tiles. This also revealed that there was mold behind the tiles. So my wife and I decided to remove the bathtub and turn it into a shower only. This not only involved removing the bathtub (which was steel and I had to cut it in half to remove it) but it also involved removing all of the tile and the drywall behind the tile.

Next we searched Lowe’s and Home Depot for a shower assembly that would support cutting out the wall for a large window. Almost every system we looked at said that we could not cut out for a window. Then we found an Onyx system at Lowe’s. They not only said we could cut out the wall for a window but they also sold the window trim in the color of our choice. First this is a DIY project which I was planning on doing myself as a 72 year old male. Second it was a bit more expensive than what we wanted to spend but we decided to get the Onyx system.

We went home and took measurements and looked at the different colors that Onyx offered. We ended up deciding on their “Carmel” color for the shower base, crown molding, soap and shampoo holder, and for the window trim. We also decided on their “Artic” color for the walls and inside corner trim.

We went back to Lowe’s in Moore and our salesman named Roger helped us. We gave him our color choices and measurements and placed our order. Roger said that it would take three weeks for the order to arrive. We also told Roger the shower door that we wanted which was a Arizona Shower Door. Roger said it would also take about three weeks for the shower door to arrive.

Three weeks later the orders arrived. I had already removed the bathtub, tile, and drywall. I had installed cement board on the upper half of the walls but had to wait to do the lower half until the orders came in for the shower base to arrive. Once I installed the shower base I could then finish the cement board on the lower half of the walls. I also painted a water proof coating on the cement boards. The back wall was pretty heavy and I had to ask my son-in-law to help me to cut and position the back wall. Once I had it mounted I could then cut out for the window. Then I installed the side walls, crown molding, window trim, and the soap and shampoo holder. All of this took another two weeks as I was working mainly on the weekends.

Here are the photos of the process and the final out come with the finished shower first. If I can do it then you can do it.


LG LDF7561ST Dishwasher E1 Error

My 5+ year old LG LDF7561ST Dishwasher started giving me an E1 Error which is a water leak. The filters in the bottom was clogged because someone didn’t rinse a pan before putting in the dishwasher. Won’t say who but you can probably guess. I cleaned the filters. Unplugged the dishwasher for awhile and plugged it back it and it still gave me a E1 Error and would not shut off. Did a search on Google and found someone with the same error and they said to pull the dishwasher, tip it forward and backward 45 degrees. So I decided to give it a try and it worked. Before my search I called LG support and they wanted $370 to send someone out to fix it. Sorry LG, did it myself!

My New Front Entry Door Replacement

I decided that it was about time that I replaced my front entry door after 22 years plus my front door was also bent. I decided to replace my storm door also. Lowe’s had a sale on the storm door plus I also got my 10% military discount. Here are the photos of my old front door and storm door.

Front Entry Door

Front Entry Door

Front Storm Door

Front Storm Door

So I purchased a new TermaTru Benchmark entry door and a new Larson storm door from Lowe’s. I first painted the new door frame and replaced the hinges with my oiled bronze hinges. I also purchased a new magnetic door switch to connect to my alarm system.

I had a hard time getting my old frame removed as my old magnetic door switch was embedded in the side of the door frame and it finally broke in half and I was able to remove the door frame. Plus I was doing this by myself which made it harder.

I had a bit of a problem getting my new door frame to fit and finally after sanding the top edges of the new door frame, it finally fitted. I then got the new door frame leveled and set. Then I remounted the new door.

Then my friend came by and we installed the new storm door. Finally got everything calked, insulation sprayed in between the door frame and house, inside door frame reinstalled, and paint touch ups. New doors are below, and even more from Arizona Door Store.

New Front Door

New Front Door

New Storm Door

New Storm Door

We really love our new doors. No more air leaks and cuts down on the outside noise. Plus the new Larson storm door has a screen that comes down when you lower the top window allowing air flow between the back and front of the home. I guess we will also use services from EZ Window Solutions and replace windows, too. Everything took me about 10 hours and was worth it.


Movie, God’s Not Dead 2

We went to the movies at The Warren here in Moore, OK and saw the movie “God’s Not Dead 2“. It was a very good movie and I highly recommend that you see it.

When a high school teacher is asked a question in class about Jesus, her reasoned response lands her in deep trouble and could expel God from the public square once and for all. You heard all the time about the separation of church and state. Did you know that there is no mention of this in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights?