Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote

I purchased a refurbished Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote a few weeks ago and I really like this remote. I can even use my iPhone or my iPad to control my entertainment system. It will even control my Amazon Fire TV and my Roku 3. The only desire I have is wishing the remote itself  would be a bit bigger as it is a bit clumsy to operate the up and down channel and volume buttons. The system came in a brown box as it was refurbished but the remote and all components looked like new without any scratches or dents.  Buying refurbished saved me about 50% and so far buying refurbished I have not had any problems with this remote or any other item that was purchased as refurbished.

Logitech Harmony Remote

Amazon Echo

I got notified today that my invite for the Amazon Echo was selected and I am able to order the new Amazon Echo for half price since I am an Amazon Prime Member. So I placed my order today and it is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I will post my experience with the Amazon Echo soon.

Amazon Echo

I got in my Amazon Echo and I love it. The sound quality is great and the voice recognition is very good. I have been playing music from my Amazon Prime account and radio stations from TuneIn. iHeart radio also works with the Amazon Echo. I am sure I will fine more uses for the Amazon Echo as more features develop. It is always connected to the cloud so as new features are added them become immediately available.

I have used it to check the weather, time, news, and more. The unit itself is larger than what I first thought and heavier also. My Amazon Echo is pictured below.

My Amaxon EchoWe are playing more music than we have ever before while at home. The Echo makes a great blue-tooth speaker and I can also play any song, album, artist, or playlist that is on Amazon Prime. We have been asking for weather forecasts, setting alarms and timers, and getting news briefing.

Well, it has been several weeks now since I received my Amazon Echo and I am still loving it. Amazon now has an app for the iPad and iPhone which makes it easy to control the Amazon Echo. You can check your shopping list, select the music you want to play from Amazon Prime, iHeart Radio, and Tune-In. Showed the Amazon Echo to my wife’s boss and she loved it and was going to purchase one for her family and one for her Dad.

iPhone 6 Plus

It has been over a month now since I got my iPhone 6 Plus. Yes, it is large but I love it. I will have to say it is the best smart phone that I have ever owned. The large size makes it much easier for me to read. I am still waiting to try Apple Pay with my debit card but my bank doesn’t support it yet and I don’t own any credit cards. The camera is great as is all of the other features of the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Plus Lock Screen

iPhone 6 Plus Lock Screen