My Generac Generator

I am writing a post about my experiences with the purchase and installation of my new Generac Generator. I purchased a Solar System, which I will write about later, but I also added the Generac Generator to the purchase of my solar system. One main reason for this was the low interest rate and second was I live in Tornado Ally and I have gone without power several times since I purchased my home 30 years ago. Some due to Tornados and other times due to storms including ice storms.

I purchased my solar system from Green Light Solar. The Generac Generator was installed by Larrison Electric, a local Generac Generator dealer. The Generac Generator I purchased will run my entire house during a power failure weather it is a short outage for a few hours or a long outage of days or weeks as it uses natural gas, the same gas used to cook with on the stove and to heat water in the water heater. So even with electrical power outage I will still have natural gas to run the Generac Generator.

The time frame from the purchase of the Generac to the installation to the connection of the Generac to my home electrical system took about two months. This long two months was mostly due to the solar system as the funds to pay for the Generac Generator would not be available until after the installation of the Solar System. And the Solar company, Green Light Solar, wanted the Generac to be installed prior to the installation of the solar system as they can make their electrical grid connection inside of the main Generac electrical box.

The Generac Generator that I purchased also included a whole home surge protection for the outside electrical grid and for the Generac Generator produced electricity.

The Generac Generator will engage after 30 seconds of losing power from the electrical grid. It will then run until the electrical grid is restored and for an extra five minutes to prevent the Generac from shutting down and starting back up due to short power loss after electrical grid restoration. My Generac Generator will also run every Saturday at noon for 5 minutes for what they call exercising the Generac to make sure it is running good and capable of starting in a real power outage.

There is also a yearly maintenance that needs to be performed on the Generac which comes with a yearly fee. Also if the Generac has been running for over 100 hours then maintenance is also required.

I love my Generac Generator and I feel much more secure especially now that I am getting older. Below you will see photos of my Generac Generator and the electrical boxes required for the Generac to operate and provide full house power. In a power outage I will still have Air Conditioning, my two refrigerators with freezers will still work, my two microwaves will still work, my furnace will still heat the home, my lights, TVs, computers, coffee makers, ovens, etc. will still work.

My Generac Generator
My Generac Generator show the electrical and the Natural Gas connections.
The two new electrical boxes installed to the left of my electrical meter with the whole home surge protectors showing sticking out on the left of the main Generac electrical box.

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