New Honeywell Touch 7000 Alarm System

My current alarm system was over 5 years old and with the new systems out with video cameras and home automation I first check with my current provider and then AT&T. I decided to check into getting an upgraded alarm system, on the advice of my electrician.

My current provider came out and we discussed upgrading my current system with their 2 Gig system. First I currently had a wired system and most new system uses wireless modules. I was told that they couldn’t use my existing system so I had to purchase new smoke detectors and my heat sensors wouldn’t work with the new system. So I was told that the new system would cost me at least $300 and more depending on what I added. Plus the monitoring would cost $40 plus per month. I told him I would think about it.

So I called AT&T and they came out and basically told me the same information with the same monitoring of $40 plus each month. The salesman also said that they couldn’t use my existing system. I told him I would think about it.

Well, I thought about it and did some search on the Internet. I found a system from Honeywell that I really liked. It was the Honeywell Touch 7000. It was also a wireless system but they had a module that I could purchase that would use my existing system up to 9 zones. Great! My existing only had six zones so I looked into it further. I next checked into the monthly monitoring and found where their monitoring for the Honeywell 7000 started at $12 per month. So I called and talked to one of their salesman and there were a few extra features that I wanted and I purchased the Honeywell Touch 7000 with a monthly monitoring rate of $18 per month.

Honeywell Touch 7000 Control Panel

Honeywell Touch 7000 Control Panel

I received the Honewell 7000 about five days later, I spend the time waiting reading up on all kinds of related things online from the home automation company in Louisville, KY.  It finally arrived and installed it the same day and I love this system. It’s a very advanced, reliable home alarm system. My old system had my three outside doors wired to on zone but I wired the new system with each door on a separate zone. Now when someone opens one of the doors it announces Front Door, Back Door, or Garage Door. I used my existing in door wiring and my existing smoke detectors and heat sensors. I also received three other door sensors with the kit so I added a sensor to my garden room siding glass door, a sensor to our master bedroom door, and a sensor to my wife’s study.

Setting up and programming the Honeywell 7000 was pretty easy with a lot of options for each zone. Also have iPhone/iPad apps and I can operate the system from anywhere in the world. I already have some home automation with my Wink system but I may move my front door lock over to the Honeywell system. I already have 8 cameras around the home inside and outside but they won’t work with the Honeywell system so I may purchase another camera later that will work with the Honeywell 7000. I also get weather, traffic, and news on the 7 inch color display.

I am really happy with the new Honeywell Touch 7000 system and highly recommend it. It did cost me a bit more that what the other companies were going to charge me but the reduced price of the monitoring will pay for the new system within one year. You can read about the system by clicking on the Amazon link below. If you purchase from Amazon you can still get to do your monitoring at the reduced rates.