My Solar System

I have recently purchased and had installed a new solar system. Here are some of my thoughts as to why I decided to get the new solar system.

  • I am saving on fossil fuels.
  • I will be paying about the same for my loan as I am paying for my current electrical bill and at some point I will be paying almost zero for electricity.
  • In 5 years I will be paying the same price for my electricity (my loan) as I am now. How about you? How about after 10 years? 20 years?
  • Currently there is a 26% tax credit for the solar system which reduces the overall cost of the solar system. Not sure if there will be one next year or if there is one will it be lower?
  • The solar system will raise the value of my home which reduces the overall cost of the solar system.
  • I got a low interest rate for the loan and next year it will probably be higher.
  • The solar panels have a 25 year warranty and are tough and are not damaged by your normal size hail.
  • The solar panels will block a lot of the sun from hitting my roof which helps to protect the roof where they are installed and the attic does not get as hot during the summer months which helps with the cooling of the home.
  • The solar panels use Silver which the stockpile of Silver is getting low and the price of Silver is going to increase which means the cost of solar panels in the future will also increase.

So with the above thoughts in mind I purchased my solar system but not until several quotes. The system I purchased was from Green Light Solar. They had the lowest interest rate for the 25 year loan and quoted me a system that would provide 100% of my electrical needs. So you need to keep in mind that you still need the electrical grid from the electric company. Sometimes you are using all solar energy, sometimes you are pushing out electrical energy back to the external electric grid, and sometimes you need power from the external electric grid like when you have a heavy load like using the Air Conditioning or using an electrical clothes dryer or an electric stove/oven and you will need the external electric grid at night when the sun is not shining. But in the end hopefully it will all even out so that your electric bill is low or even a credit.

It took about two months from the date I purchased the solar system to the date that it was fully operational. This includes having a site survey done. Then a final design of the system which you will have the opportunity to approve. Next is the engineering and permitting phase which Green Light solar took care of getting and paying for the permits with the city, the electrical company, and any HOA if you have one. Next came the installation of the solar panels and system after the approvals of the city, electrical company, and HOA. After the installation you have the inspection and approval by the agencies. And finally the permission to operate by the electrical company.

Below you will see photos of the 26 panels I had installed. Eight on the South side of my home and Eighteen on the West side of my home. Also a photo of the solar inverter and electrical switch box.

Solar Panels on the South side of my home.
Solar panels on the West side of my home.
The Solar Inverter box on the right, solar meter at top and the solar switch box below the solar meter.

Below you will see my current OG&E electric usage for the first and second week after my solar panels were turned on. The first week it was turned on in the middle of Tuesday morning. The second week we had clouds all week long and rain almost every day during the second week. Still no OG&E energy usage.

Week one after solar panels were turned on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 during the middle of the morning. Notice the “0 kWh” for this bill.
Second week of energy usage from OG&E even with it being cloudy every day and rain almost every day. What a wet week! Notice the “0 kWh” for this bill.

If you would like more information or you would like for me to get you in touch with my solar salesman just send me a message on the contact me page on the main menu above.

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